In October we announced 13 new appointments across our underwriting and operations teams . These appointments support the exceptional growth in adviser demand for NEOS and ensure we continue to deliver the NEOS Experience you know and love.

To help you get to know our new team members better, we’ve profiled a handful of our latest recruits.

Mark Stevenson, Senior Underwriter VIC

“I’m passionate about the customer service aspect of underwriting, having seen the transformation of the role over the years from that of a purely technical job to one that is just as much (or more) about assisting advisers and customers through the underwriting process.”

Mark has 25 years’ experience in insurance, mostly in underwriting. He was a trainee underwriter in the 90s, progressing through to state and regional manager positions in a variety of large insurers over 20 years.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating out, going to the cinema and travelling (almost all of which was on hold during the Victorian lockdown!). Other interests include AFL, tennis and music (especially from the 80s and 90s), as well as keeping in shape outdoors.

Mark Lumba, Senior Underwriter QLD

“I have a passion for non-disclosure underwriting and my claims background has enabled me to specialise in this area.”

Mark has 14 years’ experience in life insurance, in particular underwriting and claims assessments across wholesale and retail life segments. Prior to NEOS, Mark was wholesale principal underwriter at a large insurer, where he was responsible for managing relationships with several large funds/trustees, dealing with complex commercial requests, escalations, complex underwriting matters and mentoring other underwriters.

Mark’s a husband and a father to three boys aged 15, 13 and 11, and is a music enthusiast, playing several instruments. Mark is currently located in Brisbane but will be relocating back to Sydney in 2021.

James Savill, Senior Underwriter NSW

“It’s about doing what’s right by the client – which may not necessarily be about what’s right by the process. It’s all in the context and delivery.”

James is an insurance professional with 22 years in the industry, including 15 years in underwriting. Starting out at AC&L/National Mutual/AXA, James then moved to ING/OnePath where he launched into his underwriting career. Most recently prior to joining NEOS, he was BT Financial Group’s Principal underwriter. Outside of work, James likes playing football (soccer of course!) and spending time with his three kids. He’s also a Star Wars enthusiast!

Chris Fielder, Technical Underwriting Manager

“I’m a strong believer in the benefits that life insurance brings to people at their time of greatest need. Our goal should be to make that protection and confidence available to as many Australians as we can.”

Chris has been working in the life insurance industry for more years than he cares to mention! Most recently, he worked at RGA Reinsurance for 18 years in various underwriting roles, including eight years as Chief Underwriter. Chris is still an active and passionate footballer (yes, also soccer), albeit far slower than he used to be. He is also an avid Liverpool supporter.

Kaylah Borham, Tele-interview Consultant

“I’ve been in life insurance for just over seven years, and really found my passion on the medical side of things. I’m very excited to have landed this great job at NEOS as a Tele-interview Consultant.”

Kaylah has seven years’ experience in life insurance, working her way up through the ranks at a number of large life insurers. This includes roles as a service consultant, claims assistant, senior underwriting assistant and, most recently, tele-interview consultant at NEOS.

When not at work, Kaylah is usually rock-climbing, having recently achieved her 2020 goal of completing her lead climbing course. She spends most of her weekends with friends or family eating, drinking and/or exploring. In her rare downtime, she likes to binge-watch TV and tend to her plant babies.

Jessica Dalby, Tele-interview Consultant

“I’m passionate about service and the customer experience. The tele-interview is the first impression that the client has with NEOS and I like to ensure it’s an excellent one.  My focus is to make sure that the client leaves the interview with a feeling of understanding, trust and confidence with their future insurer. The tele-interview service also returns valuable time into the adviser’s day so it’s great to be able to provide this service.”

Jessica has 10 years’ experience in life insurance, with a strong focus on retail underwriting support. She has worked in a variety of operations roles at a number of large life insurers, including service and underwriting support positions. Outside of work, Jessica loves getting away with her girls and getting to the beach, as well as camping and BBQs with friends.