Behind NEOS Protection

Financial strength you can rely on

You can’t underestimate the importance of trust.

For us, every plan issued represents a promise: a promise to support the plan holder in their time of need.

It’s a fact that all life insurers must meet the stringent APRA requirements that ensure they have the capital to pay claims.

However, we know that this doesn’t guarantee a satisfactory experience or outcome. That’s why it was so important that the partners we chose had the strength, character and experience to meet our commitments to advisers and their clients.

We’re pleased to say they do.

Together, we can harness our expertise with their experience, strength and stability to ensure we always stay true to our word.

Our partners

NEOS Protection is reinsured by Pacific Life Re – a leading global reinsurer recognised for its unique combination of financial strength and innovative approach to risk management. Pacific Life Re also has the benefit of a 150-year history through their ultimate parent company, American life insurance giant, Pacific Life. Pacific Life has assets in excess of US$209 billion, net assets in excess of US$1.2 trillion and paid over US$3.4 billion dollars in benefits in 2021. You can be confident that the financial strength and stability of our partners means you're in safe hands.

NobleOak is the issuer of NEOS Protection insurance products and is an APRA regulated friendly society with more than 140 years’ experience.