With the holiday season almost here, we know there’s pressure to get business completed before year end. So, if you’re hoping to have clients protected before the new year, it makes sense to work with the best.   

Here’s six reasons why NEOS is your best option for completing business this holiday season:

ONE: Our turn-around times are unmatched. Completing business quickly and efficiently has always been at the core of what we do. That’s why our target is to make 80% of decisions in three working days. And while COVID-19 has presented underwriting challenges, we’re continually optimising our underwriting rules engine to deliver the highest percentage of immediate decisions in the market. So, if you’re worried about slow insurer processes, worry no more.

TWO: Our 3-year rate guarantee is still the only one: Give your clients the gift of stable and fair pricing this Christmas. In today’s uncertain environment, never has pricing certainty been more important. Choosing NEOS Protection means your clients can be confident their base premiums rates won’t increase for three years from policy commencement.

THREE: Our application and underwriting approach is market-leading: Our application is fast and easy to complete – it only asks the questions that really matter, in plain and direct English. Plus, our common-sense approach to underwriting limits and decisions mean additional requirements are minimised.

FOUR: Our team has capacity to meet growing demand: In fact, we’ve continued to expand our tele-interviewing, underwriting and service teams to ensure we always have the capacity to support you and your clients. This includes completing tele-interviews within 1-5 days of request, and responding to pre-assessment and service requests within 24 hours. Our experienced and passionate team are here to help.

FIVE: Our service is, and always will be, outstanding: It’s a busy time of year, and waiting in call centre queues or for a response to your email or request is something no one has time for. Providing service that is fast, friendly, and reliable is central to the NEOS Experience. The experience that differentiates us from all other insurers in the market today.

SIX: Our advisers agree: You don’t need to rely on our word only. Here’s just a small snapshot of what advisers have said about their NEOS Experience. As these advisers testify, NEOS really is the best choice for getting business done, fast.

While it’s important to meet your end of year goals and ensure your clients have the protection they need, remember: a policy is for ‘life’, not just for Christmas. So, choose a service provider you can be confident in both today and tomorrow. Choose the new leader in Australian life insurance, choose NEOS.

Want to learn more about our market-leading quote, application and underwriting approach and how we can support you this holiday season? Why not attend our 30-min webinar for a live demo of our quote and application system, plus our top tips for working together.

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