With the holiday season only weeks away, we’re counting down the top five reasons you should choose NEOS to get business done, fast. If you’d like to get your clients protected before the new year, get in touch with us and see how we can help! 

FIVE:  Market leading technology  

NEOS offers two quality life insurance products, available on the single, easy to use NEOS platform. This means all your business in one place. With the same single log in, quote and apply experience, application process and commission cycle, advisers now have access to the NEOS Experience you’ve grown to love, regardless of the product brand chosen.   

FOUR: Competitive underwriting

We’ve recently updated the underwriting rules for NEOS Protection, in particular changing our approach for customers who disclose Chiropractic treatment. Following this update, you should find that you’ll be able to get more of your clients covered faster.

THREE: High service standards 

Our service is at the heart of what we do, and our service standards remain unmatched. To ensure your clients are protected and fast, we: 

  • aim to return calls on the same day and acknowledge emails within 24 hours 
  • target new and existing business enquiries to be actioned within 48 hours 
  • make all tele-bookings within 24 hours of the tele interview submission; and 
  • complete 80% of pre-assessments and initial underwriting assessments in 24 hours, whilst all are completed within 48 hours 

TWO: Choice of product to suit your clients 

Whether you’re interested in NEOS Protection’s three-year rate guarantee – giving you and your clients the certainty you deserve, or the booster option available on Encompass Protection, NEOS now offers solutions to meet the needs of more of your clients. 

ONE: The NEOS Experience 

The number one reason for choosing NEOS, is the NEOS Experience. We believe every adviser and customer deserves great service. We believe our super-fast turnaround times, reliable service, and our ability to deliver on our promises is what allows us to be Australia’s leader in life insurance. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Not only did advisers vote us Overall Best Retail Life Company, our NPS is still the highest in the industry. We also won the awards for Ease of Underwriting, Platform Functionality, Competitiveness of Product, Comprehensiveness of Modules, Adviser Support and Claims Handling at the 2022 Adviser Ratings Adviser Choice Awards. 

Choose the leader in life insurance and get business done fast. Choose NEOS. 

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