Your client will have a dedicated claims consultant to help you both through the claims process. The dedicated claims consultant will clearly set out what information we need in order to assess your client’s claim. Your client can then decide whether they would like to submit their claim over the phone or via the more traditional approach of completing claims forms.

Generally, you can expect that we’ll require the below:

  • an initial claim form – whether completed by your client or captured by us over the phone
  • an initial Medical Attendant’s Statement – we’ll contact your client’s medical attendant on their behalf; and
  • proof of identification.

Depending on the type of claim, we may also require additional medical or financial evidence. We’ll make sure we clearly explain why any supporting information is required.

When providing details about your client’s claim to us, it’s always best that both you and they provide as much detail and clarity as you can. This will help us to work as efficiently as possible.

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