from Nathan Leonard

A fair bit of time has passed since my last update, and I hope you and your families have survived the crazy weather we’ve had (I say this as I spend a day cleaning the mould out of my house). We now enter winter with the hope that the rain is behind us.

For the NBA fans around, it’s great to see my Celtics make the championships, which gives me a sporting team to cheer for this year (my Newcastle Knights have been found wanting all season). I’m also pleased with Carlton’s efforts thus far.

So, what’s been happening at NEOS Life?

  • The NEOS Platform launched in May
  • Encompass Protection launched in May, in partnership with MLC
  • Erin Taylor has been promoted to State Underwriting Manager in NSW/ACT
  • Mark Lumba has moved into the technical UW team
  • Bez and Nathan headed to the USA for a wedding (not with each other)
  • NEOS hired a new Chief Technology Officer – David Huang.

There’s been so much happening at NEOS over the past six months it’s been incredible! If you haven’t quoted on Encompass Protection yet, please jump in and see how it compares. If you missed our ‘Why Encompass’ webinar series, please reach out to your BDM or me. We’d be more than happy to give you an overview of the Encompass Protection offering.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything that my team or I can do to help in the lead-up to the EOFY. We’d be happy to assist; also don’t forget:

  • NEOS target 80% of UW completed in three working days
  • Same day tele-UW booking
  • Tele-UW completed within 24 hours
  • Same day pre-assessments!

And remember, if you have any colleagues that don’t have an adviser code with NEOS and would like one, please send them our way and we’ll look after them.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership; it’s greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.


Can you believe the end of financial year is approaching yet again? With 30 June just over the horizon, we’re here to help you get any outstanding business across the line.

EOFY is also a great time to review your clients’ plans and ensure they have adequate cover.

Here’s how we can help you get business completed by 30 June:

  • The NEOS Experience – Our super-fast turnaround times, streamlined underwriting and friendly service are all part of the NEOS Experience, and mean we can get business done quickly.
  • One login; two great products – With NEOS, you have access to two high-quality life insurance products through the one easy-to-use platform.
  • Dedicated support – There are no phone queues to deal with when it comes to NEOS. You can call us directly.
  • Work with the best in life insurance – Not only is our NPS score the highest in the industry, advisers recently voted us number one in life insurance at the Adviser Ratings Adviser Choice Awards.

For more information, click here.


It’s been over a month now since we launched Encompass Protection, our brand-new life insurance product in partnership with MLC Life Insurance.

This means you can now offer your clients two quality life insurance products on the single, easy-to-use NEOS platform. You can access it using your existing NEOS login and you’ll have access to the same dedicated BDM, underwriter and service consultant regardless of the product brand chosen.

We’ve been told by advisers that quoting and submitting business for Encompass Protection has been as quick and easy as it is for NEOS Protection. This is a very encouraging start, and we look forward to continuing to support you to protect your clients.

If you’d like to find out more about the NEOS platform or want more detail about the Encompass Protection offering, get in touch with your BDM today. Let’s get your clients covered.


As a company founded with the aim to improve the way life insurance is delivered in the Australian market and a vision to set a new standard in life insurance, we were so proud to win seven of the nine award categories at the Adviser Ratings’ Adviser Choice Awards.

Adviser Ratings has launched a new initiative called the Adviser Choice Awards where over a thousand advisers provide feedback and rate their experiences with the life companies they use.

The awards ‘honour companies that have evolved their offerings to meet advisers’ changing needs’ with the intent to ‘distinguish the businesses that are innovating and adapting their products to changing market conditions’.

Not only were we voted Overall Best Retail Life Company, our NPS is the highest in the industry (for the third year in a row!). We also won the awards for Ease of Underwriting, Platform Functionality, Competitiveness of Product, Comprehensiveness of Modules, Adviser Support and Claims Handling.

These results also follow the 2021 Life Company of the Year Awards where we won awards in four categories: Service Quality, BDM/Business Support Team (for the second year in a row), Underwriting Team (for the third year in a row) and the award for Trauma/Critical Illness Cover. We were also a finalist for the Overall Platinum award and the awards for Income Protection and Term/TPD Cover.

While we’re extremely proud to have truly become a leader in Australian life insurance, we won’t stop there. We’ll continue working hard to keep delivering the NEOS Experience to you every day.

Thank you for your support!


A binding death benefit nomination (BDBN) enables clients to nominate who will receive their insurance benefit in the event of their death. Importantly, these instructions are binding on the trustee regardless of whether the client’s family situation has changed in the meantime.

Given recent case laws around BDBNs, where an ex-spouse has succeeded in obtaining death benefits from superannuation against the wishes of the testator, ensuring these BDBNs are up to date is incredibly important.

Which is why all Protect Super Plan death benefit nominations are lapsing – they must be renewed every three years to remain binding on the trustee. We strongly believe this is in clients’ best interests, so we encourage you to ensure your clients are reviewing and updating their binding nominations regularly.

Updating your clients’ BDBNs is easy

Like all things at NEOS, updating a BDBN is easy. Simply:

  1. Download a BDBN form
  2. Complete the form, outlining who the client wants to receive the death benefit from super
  3. Sign and witness the form, making sure the two witnesses are aged over 18 and not a beneficiary nominated on the form, or it will be defective and the trustee won’t be bound by their wishes
  4. Email the completed form to customerservice@neoslife.com.au

The BDBN will apply to the super fund and trustees immediately.

As always, if you have any questions speak to your dedicated NEOS service consultant or BDM.


Staff turnover is a normal part of life … but in order to protect the best interests of your clients, make sure you keep us up to date. When advisers change roles or leave your business, let us know right away if they’re no longer an authorised representative.

This helps prevent fraud and other financial crimes, and means we all stay compliant with ASIC’s requirements. Most importantly, it protects clients from receiving advice from those who aren’t authorised to provide it.

So, please tell us if an adviser has left your company or dealer group. If a person has moved on within the industry, their new employer can let us know they’re authorised. Or they can get in touch themselves.

Call or email your BDM with any updates. We’re here to help!


NEOS is a business focused solely on the advised channel. This means that our success is dependent on your success. If there’s anything you feel we could be doing better or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the NEOS Experience, please let us know.

While this edition of our newsletter has highlighted some of the great successes we’ve recently had, we’re not too proud to think that we can’t be better.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me as your State Manager or alternatively your BDM. We’d love to hear from you! And of course, positive feedback is also appreciated.